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    Liz is a former educator, a community builder and a referee of two boys. Her family's adventures in imperfect balance include delivering twins as a surrogate and living in Puerto Rico for nearly a year to run a local farmers market.


    by  • June 2, 2017 • Uncategorized

    Dear Almost-Sixth-Grade Son, It’s been many years since I was a fifth grade teacher leading the ceremonial “continuation” for my students as they took their last steps across an elementary school stage. It was before your time, but it won’t surprise you to know that I was an emotional mess, sobbing as I tried to say...

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    Life lessons

    by  • August 20, 2014 • Uncategorized

    Inspired by two powerful posts I read this week, both in response to the events in Ferguson, MO – Manic Pixie Dream Mama’s, A mother’s white privilege, and Janee Woods’, 12 things white people can do now because Ferguson. Please take time to read them both and then even more time to reflect on...

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    by  • June 24, 2014 • Uncategorized

    298 – days spent living in Puerto Rico 6 – days left until I return to Denver 8(ish) – beaches that have been within a 10-minute drive of our house 10 – sailing lessons the boys had (más o menos) 90 – baby sea turtles we watched safely get to sea 3 – forms...

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