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    by  • October 10, 2013 • Family, Kids

    There are certain milestones as a parent that feel more like leaps than steps in your child’s growth. For me, having my youngest turn six is one of those. He’s only a day older than he was at five, but, just like that, we no longer have any five-year-olds. It makes it feel like so many toddler/preschool/kindergarten “things” are long gone, for better or worse.

    The fact that I’m simultaneously cleaning up my computer files, thus looking through tons of photos, doesn’t help keep the nostalgia at bay. But it does help remind me of everything this kid has given to us and to the world around him in his six short years. My fellow Libra walks the line between different ends of so many spectrums and it makes him the unique little being that he is.

    So, here’s wishing the happiest of birthdays to the kid who…

    • always has his own style
    • is as academic as he is playful
    • never cares if his underwear is backwards – and inside out
    • never cares to use a napkin because his sleeve is just as handy
    • has always done somersaults in his sleep because he can’t stop moving – ever
    • knows more random facts than most (toothbrushes were once made of pig hair and tornadoes could power 1,000 houses for a day)
    • is very shy, yet very bold
    • cries to go back to Denver, but asks for a cake in the shape of Puerto Rico
    • doesn’t wait to be taught, but learns from the world around him (most recently trying to pick up Spanish)

    While there’s still a lot for him to learn, we are all a little better off with this one contributing to our future.

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    Liz is a former educator, a community builder and a referee of two boys. Her family's adventures in imperfect balance include delivering twins as a surrogate and living in Puerto Rico for nearly a year to run a local farmers market.